Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Hunter

I love, love, love a bargain and my hunt never ends.  For me, there is no greater satisfaction than exploring a thrift store, yard sale, etc., and finding a treasure.  Since relocating recently, I do miss my bargain hunting partner (my daughter), but the hunt must go on!

The secret to my bargain hunting is - don't go in looking for anything specific.  I've learned over time that you won't find a buy on every trip, but persistence is the key.  I started bargain hunting over 25 years ago and have purchased everything from clothing, to books, to antiques, to household decorating items.

Now I won't say that I am addicted to bargain hunting, but recently while driving home I passed a thrift store and my foot automatically went to the brake pedal.  Is there anyone else out there who can relate to this reaction? I know that I am not alone in this. 

Since moving back to my childhood home, which is a beautiful three story, well maintained structure (there are a couple of pics of it in my earlier blog) many of my finds have found a place within its walls and, combined with family heirlooms kept in the house, have added to making my renewed environment warm and comfortable. 

If there is anyone out there who has not experienced thrift stores and/or yard sales I suggest that you give them a try, you might learn to like it.  There are plenty of bargains out there.  Here are just a few of my favorite finds:

Clay Bowl- $1.99
African Bottle (purchased at an antique store) - $27.00 
Love this antique wooden box - $.99
Carved box $.59
Ceramic bowl - $.99
Wooden Turtle Box - $.99 
Wooden Masks Candle Holders - $.99 each 
Large Enamel Soup Pot - $.75 
Jenga Game - $.59  (I glued the pieces together, painted them  added magnets to the back and created a magnetic artwork.  There is a sheet metal wall in my kitchen where this hangs.)   I love it!!! 
Bedspread, pillow shams and toss pillows - all for less than $30.00.  This is probably my most costly thrift store purchase, but I couldn't resist.

In case you are wondering why the captions under my photos are red - it's because I think these purchases are HOT!!! 


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