Friday, December 2, 2011

Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

Well, in my last post I talked about our planned road trip to visit Adrienne and her family.  We had a great time.  We left St. Louis early Thanksgiving morning and arrived in MS around 1:00.  The weather was great - the girls were able to play outside and ride bikes.  Dinner was awesome - roasted chicken, salmon, mac and cheese, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, dressing, and for dessert cheesecake and sweet potato pie with homemade whipped cream.  After an awesome dinner, we were entertained by a family friend from Senegal, who plays great guitar and sings in his native Fulani language.  

Friday, we spent the day out and about.  Among other things, we took a tour of the montessori school where Adrienne works (such a cute, munchkin-like environment where everything is child sized), we took the girls to the bookstore (which they loved), and of course made our visit to the Goodwill!!!  It was a great day.

We had our nightly "make the world a better place" conversations, which took us well into the early morning hours.  Certainly, no family gathering is complete without the summit meeting.   

The grands had such a good time together (of course there were a few blowups, but it's to be expected with girls).  Look at those great faces!!!  Love em, love em, love em!!!  

I was daring enough to sleep in the same room, on the floor with the six of them.  Boy, was I glad to see my bed when I got home.  But, I would do it again in a heartbeat.    

All in all the weekend was great.  Oh, to make the weekend complete, we had an opportunity to spend some time with a really good friend of the family who just happened to be visiting some of her husband's family who live in MS.  She has an adorable set of twin boys who sent a couple of my grand daughters into some sort of frenzy.  Girls!!!

So, I am looking forward to my next family gathering.  Don't know when it will happen, but I know it will be great.  I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!