Friday, February 24, 2012

Finding My Creative Self

I have such a huge respect for artists and the things that they can create.  I have always wanted to find some artistic ability inside me, but had never really taken the time or had the courage to search within myself to see if there was an artist inside me.  However, since returning to my childhood home and learning to appreciate being retired, I have had an opportunity to try my hand at some different art projects.  I must say, I have surprised myself with some of the things I have accomplished.  These little accomplishments have given me the courage to try new things.  

My initial art project was to use the pieces from a Jenga game and using simple paint, glue and magnets I created an interchangeable piece of artwork that I proudly display in my kitchen.

Recently, I have been using old magazines to make bowls.  They have turned out nicely and I find that the process involved in making these bowls can be relaxing and therapeutic.  So far I have completed five and my plan is to make as many as possible between now and early April, send them to my granddaughter in MS and let her sell them at their local farmers' market.

I have also learned to make beads from magazine pages.  I haven't really come up with a plan of how to use them, but they are fun to make. 

Of, course I still make my regular visit to the thrift stores, seeking out interesting collectibles.   Haven't found any deals recently, but I won't give up!!