Thursday, October 6, 2011

Can I Really Do This?

Well, today I convinced myself that I should start a blog. This will be an adventure for me, but I think I can do this. I am the retired mother of two children and grandmother of six beautiful grand children, so you may get to know a lot about them by following my blog.

For the first couple of years of retirement, I felt the need to go back to work. For almost forty years of my life my job(s) filled a minimum of 8 hours each day, 6-8 hours were devoted to sleep,and the remaining hours (plus any additional time needed) were dedicated to raising my two children. After raising two children to adulthood, subsequently retiring and experiencing the change of life (which brought with it that dreaded insomnia) - I am now faced with approximately 18- 20 hours each day of trying to find things to occupy my time. I considered going back to school, but that was just a fleeting thought. I applied for numerous jobs (part time, full time, anytime) to no avail. I considered developing some interesting hobby (i.e., scrap booking, jewelry making, painting, etc.) but none of those things held my attention.

I have lived in several different places (including the beautiful island of St. Croix) and each of those places provided their own unique experience for me. Most recently I moved back into the house where I was born and raised and I feel that this is my opportunity to go "back to my future again." This is the chance of a lifetime to look back at my past and forge ahead with my future. This house holds so many memories and artifacts from my past that I am overwhelmed in the most phenomenal way. So, this blog will be my vehicle to share with you those things I am rediscovering about my past and using to plot my future. I can only say to you...HOLD ON THIS MAY BE THE MOST EXCITING RIDE OF MY LIFETIME!!! So, stay with me as I go back to my future.

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